Everything Happens for a Reason

Sometimes things don’t go as we plan or as we wish. Whether these difficult situations barrel toward us like a freight train or sneak up with the stealth of a cat, it helps to remember that they provide growth and that everything happens for a reason.

I am recovering from a detached retina, a serious eye condition, which can result in blindness. It started while I was traveling and looked like water entering the bottom of my mask while snorkeling. Convinced it was just a routine “floater,” I continued on my trip.

By the time I got home, 2 1/2 weeks later, the sight in my left eye was nearly gone. And, the alarm of the medical folks examining me left no doubt that it was serious. They did surgery the same day, inserting a gas bubble in my eye designed to move my retina in place and keep it there while healing. Luckily, it has all gone smoothly.

Unfortunately, I can’t get on an airplane until the bubble dissipates, which has disrupted my carefully laid plans. So I wonder, why did this happen and what is the meaning? There must be something that I am not seeing.

Vision is one of our animal instincts. When we see a stranger our brain asks, “Will you hurt me?” followed by, “Will you like me?” More than any other sense, it allows us to assess our world to control it.

I like control and now am being forced to surrender it. There is certainly a lesson in that. Also, the affected eye is on the left side of my body, which is related to the feminine. Maybe my masculine and feminine are out of balance and this is the body’s natural way of recalibrating.

With my wings clipped, I have been looking at myself and realize that I have been living too much in the outside world and using too much masculine energy. Time to go inward and reconnect with the feminine.

My eye detached so I could detach. The Buddhists believe that all attachment causes suffering and there is no peace where there is suffering. My body is my partner on my spiritual journey and this experience is simply a manifestation of my feelings on a sub-conscious level.

Everything happens for a reason and being aware will help us find it. Then we have to accept what we have found. Does “seeing” my situation help you?

The blogazine article was written by Betty-Ann Heggie, the Stilletto Chick. Read more from her uplifting blog


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